Friday, October 5, 2012

Moving a Wordpress Site from One Host to Another

  1. Install Wordpress on the new host.
  2. Using an FTP client, copy down all of the Wordpress files from the original host.
  3. Back up the Wordpress database using the database utility provided by the host.
  4. Using the FTP client, copy all of the Wordpress files (except wp-config.php) to the desired directory on the new host. DO NOT OVERWRITE THE EXISTING WP-CONFIG.PHP FILE AS IT CONTAINS REFERENCES TO THE NEW WORDPRESS DATABASE.
  5. Using the database utility provided by the new host import the original Wordpress database.
  6. Download the Wordpress search and replace tool ( and copy the file to the root of your Wordpress installation.
  7. Using a browser, go to (where "yourdomain" is your domain name and the path to the Wordpress installation) and "" is the name of the search and replace file. This utility is used to replace references to your old domain name in the database tables.
  8. Follow the instruction to replace references of your old domain name with the new one. When you are done, delete the search and replace tool. If you do not delete it, and someone should come across it, they could use it to do anything to your database.

Your Wordpress site should now be working.

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